Pinterest – Our Look Out App for 2012!


The HOT Web Application of 2012

Why Pinterest in 2012?

First of all:

Because Mashable said so!

Secondly because I frequently study the environment around me.  When I see my wife on her iPad looking mainly at this website; my sister posting cooking recipes and home improvement projects to Facebook that I KNOW she would never have concocted on her own , and multiple social statuses reading something like; “Since being introduced to Pinterest, my time on other sites (bet you can name which ones) have been cut in half.”.. It’s time to take notice.

Finally, most people have seen the Facebook and Twitter social share buttons.  I’ve noticed a number of websites that have adopted the “Pin It” social share button.  When the “Pin It” social icon starts to catch on with mutliple sites… “Look Out!!”  For those that don’t know what Pinterest is, check out Mashable’s Pinterest beginners guide.  We look for Pinterest to have a huge impact on the Social Media scene in 2012.  Here’s why:

  • A multitude of surveys have determined that women use social media more frequently than men.
  • Pinterest users are composed of up to 70% female (the statistic is hard to gauge because of the rapid growth of users, but sources say somewhere between 60 -70% female)
  • In August of 2011, Time Magazine Published Pinterest as one of it’s top 50 Websites of 2011 and it has been all uphill from there.  Can the growth of the company be attributed to Time?  Probably not.  But the site has grown from around 1 million users in July of 2011 to over 11 million users in December of 2011.  That number alone calls for a close watch on Pinterest in 2011.
  • An article in November of 2011 by Tech Crunch coined the phrase “from search to discovery” for Pinterest.  This is particularly interesting because users of Pinterest don’t go to the site to “search” for something.  They go because they know they will discover something.  This phenomenon is what keeps people not only coming back to the site, but also why they stay on the site for so long.

One common concern for skeptics and investors alike is the lack of revenue avenues Pinterest has.  In my opinion, Pinterest is a perfect acquisition model much like YouTube was before they were bought by Google in 2007.  I wouldn’t rule out Google as a possible suitor for the hot website either.

In conclusion, Pineterest has certainly captured the attention of millions of users in a very short amount of time. This is the main reason why we have tabbed it as our Look Out application and website for 2012.  I’d suggest giving it a go yourself… but don’t blame me when your home starts to look, sound, smell, even taste better.  In fact, we have our own little tagline for Pinterest to close out this article.

Pinterest –  Making your House a little more like Home… one Pin at a time!